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Design for Living Tissue

  In the field of medicine and cell biology, there is an increasing demand for in vitro models that capture the function of living tissues. To capture the in vivo function in engineered tissues, there is a need to create bio-structures that mimic the hierarchical architecture and complexity of living tissues. Therefore, controlling cell microenvironment in a highly controllable, reproducible and scalable manner is necessary.By exploiting innovative approaches including microfabrication techniques (MEMS) and material science, we focus on development of three-dimensional engineered tissues for regenerative medicine and fundamental cell biology.

Yukiko Tsuda. MATSUNAGA

Assistant Professor
Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
Center for International Research on Integrative Biomedical Systems


  • MATSUNAGA gave a talk at The Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society of Inflammation and Regeneration. (Osaka)
  • MATSUNAGA gave a lecture at the Lille I University (Lille, France) as an invited professor.
  • MATSUNAGA visited EHESS (Paris, France) and discussed about framework of Japan-France collaboration. more...
  • USUBA and LEE had a poster presentation at the IIS Ph.D. student live. USUBA won the best presentation award. (IIS, Tokyo)
  • MATSUNAGA gave a talk at the FEBS workshop -Biological Surfaces and Interfaces: Interface Dynamics-.(Hotel Eden Roc, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Catalonia, Spain)
  • The name of our mascot has been elected as “Vessy”.
  • Irene Cheng (Clemson University, USA) has joined our group through Amgen Scholars Program.
  • Komaba open house will be held from June 2-3.
  • Three research articles by Ryu, Takahashi and Usuba have been published on SeisanKenkyu.
  • TAKAHASHI gave a talk at the conference of the Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (JSMBE). (Sendai, Tohoku University)
  • MATSUNAGA gave a lecture at BIO UT.
  • NEWS past issues

    • LEE had attended RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab's event.(Facebook
    • BAIK and TACHIZAWA had completed master's course. Congratulation!
    • USUBA had completed his CNRS internship at Pasteur Institute (IBL)(Lille, France)and returned.
    • [NIKKEI] Dr. KIM’s research on "Smart Beads" was published on Nikkei daily newspaper.
    • DR. PAUTY and USUBA's Result of collaborative research on "vascular permeability evaluation" was published online.
    • MATSUNAGA gave a talk at Tokyo Medical and Dental University graduate school.
    • MATSUNAGA gave a lecture at ENS. (Paris, France)
    • MATSUNAGA gave a talk at Workshop LIMMS/FEMTO-ST. (Besançon, France)
    • Dr. KIM’s review article (Journal of Materials Chemistry B) was published online.
    • [Mynavi News] "Research results of angiogenesis 3D imaging"
    • MATSUNAGA gave a talk at the 1st. Super global “Seoul National Univ.(SNU) / IIS, The Univ. of Tokyo” Joint Symposium on Nano and Micro Systems
    • [NIKKEI] "Research results of angiogenesis 3D imaging"
    • Research result on "vascular chip reproducing biological response" was press released.
    • Dr. TAKAHASHI’s paper (Scientific Reports) has been published online.
    • Dr. KIM’s review article (Journal of Materials Chemistry B) has been accepted.
    • Prof. Toshiro OHASHI (Hokkaido Univ.) gave a lecture at the 44nd Engineering and Bio seminar.
    • MATSUNAGA gave a talk at the 21st Information and Biotoronics Workshop.
    • Dr. Hiroyuki NAKAJIMA (NCVC) gave a lecture at the 43rd Engineering and Bio seminar.
    • We invited Dr. Kiichiro YANO (Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited) for lecture about “An idea on a prospective form of collaborative research between academia and industry” at Advanced Biodevice class.
    • MATSUNAGA had a presentation at Tsukuba BME Collaboration Forum 2017.
    • USUBA has received a prize at the 26th Intelligent Materials / System Symposium.
    • USUBA and TACHIZAWA had oral presentation at the 26th Intelligent Materials / System Symposium (Tokyo Women's Medical University).
    • Dr. TAKAHASHI’s research article on “imaging angiogenesis of the blood vessel on a chip" has been accepted by Scientific Report.