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Greeting from the Leader

Design for Living Tissue

  In the field of medicine and cell biology, there is an increasing demand for in vitro models that capture the function of living tissues. To capture the in vivo function in engineered tissues, there is a need to create bio-structures that mimic the hierarchical architecture and complexity of living tissues. Therefore, controlling cell microenvironment in a highly controllable, reproducible and scalable manner is necessary.By exploiting innovative approaches including microfabrication techniques (MEMS) and material science, we focus on development of three-dimensional engineered tissues for regenerative medicine and fundamental cell biology.

Yukiko Tsuda. MATSUNAGA

Assistant Professor
Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
Center for International Research on Integrative Biomedical Systems


  • Dr. TAKAHASHI’s paper (Scientific Reports) has been published online.
  • Dr. KIM’s review article (Journal of Materials Chemistry B) has been accepted.
  • Prof. Toshiro OHASHI (Hokkaido Univ.) gave a lecture at the 44nd Engineering and Bio seminar.
  • MATSUNAGA gave a talk at the 21st Information and Biotoronics Workshop.
  • Dr. Hiroyuki NAKAJIMA (NCVC) gave a lecture at the 43rd Engineering and Bio seminar.
  • We invited Dr. Kiichiro YANO (Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited) for lecture about “An idea on a prospective form of collaborative research between academia and industry” at Advanced Biodevice class.
  • MATSUNAGA had a presentation at Tsukuba BME Collaboration Forum 2017.
  • USUBA has received a prize at the 26th Intelligent Materials / System Symposium.
  • USUBA and TACHIZAWA had oral presentation at the 26th Intelligent Materials / System Symposium (Tokyo Women's Medical University).
  • Dr. TAKAHASHI’s research article on “imaging angiogenesis of the blood vessel on a chip" has been accepted by Scientific Report.
  • NEWS past issues

    • Dr. PAUTY and USUBA’s research article on “vascular permeability assay model” has been accepted by Nanotheranostics.
    • TAKAHASHI had a poster presentation at MRS-J (Yokohama, Japan).
    • TACHIZAWA had a poster presentation at IPC2016 (Fukuoka convention center).
    • Dr. PAUTY, USUBA, GARCIA and MATSUNAGA had poster presentations at TERMIS-AM (San Diego, CA, U.S.A.).
    • TAKAHASHI had an oral presentation about our achievements from collaborative research with French group at LIMMS workshop and SMMIL-E workshop (IIS).
      Also TAKAHASHI, Dr. PAUTY, LEE and TACHIZAWA had poster presentations.
    • 【TV On Air】MATSUNAGA appeared in TBS「Mirai no Kigen (the origin of the future)」.
      Schedule : TBS (Sun) 11th, Dec. 22:54~23:00, BS-TBS (Sun) 18th, Dec. 20:54~21:00
    • We invited Dr. Mitsuyoshi URASHIMA from Jikei Medical University for lecture about preventing medicine at「Advanced Biodevice」.
    • USUBA had a poster presentation at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan (Pacifico Yokohama).
    • Secretary RYU joined our lab. as a research student for studying the concept of Architecture.
    • TAKAHASHI, Dr. PAUTY, LEE and USUBA had poster presentions at ICBS2016 (The Univ. of Tokyo).
    • MATSUNAGA attended the Japanese Society for Cell Synthesis Research 9.0(Waseda Univ.).
    • Our research about 3D microvessel device has been highlighted in the Nikkei Industrial Journal.
    • Dr. PAUTY has demonstrated at ScienceAGORA 2016 (Miraikan, Odaiba, Tokyo).
    • MATSUNAGA et al’s research work has received the best poster award at Biomaterials International 2016(Kenting, Taiwan).
    • MATSUNAGA gave a talk at the science communication event (Miraikan, Odaiba, Tokyo).
    • MATSUNAGA gave an invited talk at the Polymer Science Do-yu-kai (Shintomicho, Tokyo).
    • TACHIZAWA had a poster presentation at the 65th Symposium on Macromolecules.
    • BAIK had a poster presentation at the 10th NAMIS Autumn School (IIS, Tokyo).